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Securing the lifelines of modern society

We safely and professionally build intelligent energy networks for sustainable development, taking care of the health of our employees and the highest quality of projects’ execution.



Power line 400 kV, Reisadalen - Skillemoen, Norway

Providing safe energy in Poland and abroad, even in the most difficult conditions, is not an easy task. If our professionals take care of it, we will meet the biggest challenges!

Innovative services

Innovative services

We provide a number of innovative services, the use of which significantly increases the efficiency of the implementation of electricity investments, e.g. drones, spatial thermovision or energy storage (3S technology – SunSmartStore).


Eltel Networks – the main provider of energy services in Poland

Eltel Networks is one of the largest providers of services for critical infrastructure in the energy sector in Poland. We offer professional services in the field of design, construction, modernization and maintenance of energy infrastructure. We also deal with the construction of renewable energy sources (RES).

Eltel Networks mission

The Eltel Group is a provider of energy services operating not only in Poland. We are an international organization with over 60 years of experience and history. We have country units dealing with energy construction in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania and Germany. For this reason, we always operate according to international, European standards.

We provide energy services at the highest level, in accordance with applicable standards and legal regulations. At Eltel Network we build, maintain and modernize power energy infrastructure in order to improve the quality of life of modern society. We cooperate with the largest national operators and owners of energy networks, as well as provide complex services for private, small entrepreneurs.

Eltel Networks goals

Power energy construction is an extremely important task nowadays. Not only is the construction of new power lines or transformer stations important, but currently investments in renewable energy sources (RES) are becoming a priority. For this reason, Eltel Networks not only designs and builds stable power grids, but also plans, constructs and secures the operation of modern wind and photovoltaic farms.

We want a more sustainable and clean world for both today's society and future generations. Thanks to our commitment, Eltel Networks, as a professional supplier of energy services, performs investments with a main purpose:

1. Energy construction for our future

Many energy industry leaders make big commitments when it comes to sustainability, and so do we, Eltel Networks. We make sure to reduce the carbon footprint and meet the requirements of current energy standards or certification of European Union projects. We are proud to help our clients achieve these goals. Eltel Networks has built a reputation as a supplier of reliable, efficient and clean projects in the field of transmission and generation of renewable energy.

2. Use of renewable energy sources

Referring to renewable energy, we are constantly moving towards sustainability. As a provider of design and implementation services in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) infrastructure, together with our partners and clients, we strive to provide clean, efficient and reliable renewable energy. We want our power energy infrastructure to deliver clean energy to every home in Poland.

3. We build a more sustainable society

The solutions provided by Eltel Networks enable the transition to a resilient and carbon neutral society. We provide not only a complete power infrastructure that enables the generation of renewable energy from RES, but also provide installations that support charging electric vehicles. Eltel Networks also conducts comprehensive turnkey projects (design and build) ensuring the electrification and digitization of entire society.

Eltel Networks — a comprehensive energy service provider

Energy construction is our passion. The Eltel Group provides a comprehensive range of services related to energy and communication networks in various European countries - from project preparation, through installation construction, to maintenance and modernization solutions. We offer our services primarily to owners of communication and power grids as well as energy suppliers.

Most of our work is carried out on the basis of long-term framework agreements, which enable us to cooperate with the largest power suppliers in Poland. Thanks to the high quality of our services and commitment, the largest energy companies in Poland have trusted us, including: PGE, Energa, Tauron, Enea, Grupa Azoty and Siemens.