Recruitment process


How do we recruit at Eltel Networks?


If you have responded to our job offer and your CV passes the initial verification, the HR department will contact you. We will arrange a short telephone interview during which you will get to know the job offer and our company better. We will also get to know you better.


The next interview will be with the expert from the department in which you want to work. If you apply for the position of an electrician, the interview usually takes place with the construction manager. If you apply for a position at the company's headquarters in Olsztyn or our office in Rzeszów, the recruitment will be carried out by the head of the particular department. Depending on the department, a direct conversation with the supervisor may take various forms, e.g. a technical conversation, a manual skills test or developing a case study on a selected topic.


After the previous stages have been successfully completed, we will offer you a job.