Cost optimization of HV cable lines construction

The "Energies" journal published an article "Optimization of Thermal Backfill Configurations for Desired High-Voltage Power Cables Ampacity" on cost optimization of HV cable line construction.
An article by the Research and Development Center in the Energies magazine - cross-section of the working conductor - Eltel Networks

The co-author of the publication is Filip Ratkowski, employee at Reserarch and Development Center in Eltel Networks. The article presents the results of load capacity calculations for selected three cables in a standard arrangement depending on the cross-section of the controlled filling, thermal resistivity of the environment and the cost of running meters of the line. The presented results allow to determine the economic threshold of transition in the project to a cable with a different cross-section depending on the desired long-term current carrying capacity. The results are particularly important for cable projects that are short in length or where there are no crossings with obstacles (e.g. at stations or when evacuating power from wind farms).

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