Implementation of the PLE-PKW-CZE star system

Eltel Networks car in the field - Eltel Networks

Eltel Networks has successfully completed the difficult and demanding task of creating the PKW-PLE-CZE star system for the construction of the 400 kV Piła Krzewina - Plewiska power line. The route of the new line was to run along the old 220 kV Piła Krzewina - Plewiska power line, which made it impossible to build it in the last dozen or so kilometers from Poznań.

The scope of the task carried out by Eltel Networks consisted of:

  • execution of design works in the form of replacement drawings to the existing documentation at the facilities in the field of secondary circuits, telecommunications, control and supervision systems for 220 kV fields (field no.10 Plewiska line) at the Piła - Krzewina station, (field no.6 Czerwonak line) at the Plewiska station, (field no. 1 Plewiska line) at the Czerwonak station
  • update of the Station Operating Instructions for all 3 facilities included in the star system
  • update of 220 kV power line passports in terms of short circuits to the star system
  • calculation of settings for protections resulting from changes in the network layout and line relations

After a positive opinion on the documentation and the purchase of the necessary materials, we started to carry out assembly and commissioning works at all 3 stations simultaneously, which contributed to the launch of the star system in the time expected by the Investor, PSE S.A. The star system worked in this configuration for over half a year, after which it was disassembled at 3 stations at the same time, with the secondary circuits, control and supervision systems and telecommunications restored to the original state before the star system was launched. Then, all lines returned to normal operation.

The task was difficult and complicated in terms of connections between the stations, but - thanks to the commitment of our employees and the telecommunications subcontractor - it was performed at the highest level, which was appreciated by the Investor, PSE S.A.

We sincerely thank and congratulate our employees who put a lot of work into these activities and without whom such a good final result of the project would not have been possible!