Reconstruction of the 110 kV Rożki - Radom Centralna power line

In December 2018, we signed an agreement with the investor, PGE Dystrybucja SA Skarżysko-Kamienna Branch, for the reconstruction of the 110 kV power line from Rożki to Radom Centralna.
Reconstruction of the 110 kV Rożki - Radom Centralna power line - construction site - Eltel Networks

The parameters of the modernized power line were as follows:

  • line length - 10.3 km
  • number of pole stands - 44
  • number of tracks - the line on the section from SE Rożki to pole 30 is single-track, the further section line is double-track
  • line construction year - 1967
  • number of plots to be agreed - 47

The scope of the reconstruction included the modernization of the line along the existing route, including the replacement of phase conductors, insulator chains, adaptation of the line to the operation of phase conductors at the temperature of + 80C. We have made, among others:

  • executive projects
  • formal and legal documentation, including obtaining permits to enter the area
  • obtaining the necessary consents and permits for reconstruction
  • raising and strengthening poles and replacing foundations
  • disassembly of the existing AFL-6 120 mm2 phase conductors
  • disassembly of the existing insulator chains
  • suspension of new segmented line conductors 172/12-A1F / UHST-160 with insulation
  • regulation of sags in phase conductors and groundwire conductors
  • clearance of trees and shrubs
  • wiring the low voltage line

Currently, the final acceptance of the project has been completed, and the entire implementation is being finalized with the investor.

We would like to thank everyone working on the reconstruction of the 110 kV Rożki - Radom Centralna power line for the effort and great commitment.