Morzyczyn - Recław power line - voltage change from 110 kV to 220 kV

On 23rd of April this year there was a voltage change from 110 kV to 220 kV on the Morzyczyn - Recław power line.

The only such investment in Poland was put into trial operation until 20th of September this year. The line is owned by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. As a result of the modernization of the Morzyczyn - Recław power line, the line, previously operating on a voltage of 110 kV, will transmit energy with a voltage of 220 kV. As part of this investment, Eltel Networks, as a contractor, was also obliged to carry out formal and legal activities for PSE, i.e. obtain the right to dispose of real estate for construction purposes and transmission easement without time limits to real estate located within the technological belt (25 m from the line axis) along the entire length of the line.

The investment will increase energy security in Western Pomerania and the north-western part of Poland.

Bravo the Eltel Networks brigades! Thank you and congratulations on our next investment!