Comprehensive implementation of construction services – foundation works on power line facilities –

Construction services

Eltel Networks, with modern engineering equipment and its own construction brigades, excavator and HDS operators, as well as welding specialists, offers comprehensive implementation of construction works:

  • Foundation works on power line objects
    • assembly and disassembly of foundations on 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV lines
    • comprehensive execution of monolithic foundations (prefabricated or poured "wet")

  • Foundation works on substation facilities
    • assembly and disassembly of foundations and supporting structures for primary infrastructure and station gates
    • comprehensive execution of monolithic foundations (prefabricated or poured "wet"), monolithic plates and bowls as well as stations for transformers and chokes along with an oil separation system (de-oiling)

  • Renovation of existing foundations
  • Repair, extension or installation of new earthing systems, spires and lightning protection masts
  • Assembly and disassembly work in the field of cable ducts
  • Execution of sanitary and rainwater networks
    • layout routing
    • construction of wells
    • execution of piping systems
    • execution of connections to existing facilities

  • All ground works on LV, MV and HV line and station facilities
  • Construction of roads, maneuvering yards, parking lots and internal pavements in the facilities, made with paving stones
  • Construction of site fences
  • Masonry and finishing works in buildings
  • Macro and micro-leveling of the terrain
Execution of foundations for the power line –
Professional construction services in the power industry at station and line facilities in Poland and abroad –

The construction industry is highly variable due to weather conditions, formal and legal arrangements and work permits, which results in an uneven distribution of construction works and intensification of tasks in short periods of time. Eltel Networks construction services, in particular the construction of energy facilities, are a proposal for energy construction companies, industrial construction and general construction. We work in the mode of implementation of work packages (subcontracting of construction services) or as a support in the accumulation of tasks and time pressure on external investments in Poland and abroad (providing resources – construction brigades). We are reliable, flexible and always open to quickly support your project!

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