Designing lines at the construction site - Eltel Networks

Power engineering design services

Power engineering design services are provided by experienced teams of experts from Eltel Networks Engineering SA (formerly Energoprojekt-Kraków SA) and Eltel Networks Energetyka SA.

We professionally provide power engineering design services in the following scope:

  • forecasts and concepts of development
  • extra high voltage power transmission lines
  • high voltage power distribution lines
  • medium and low voltage power distribution lines
  • high and extra high voltage power substations
  • medium voltage power stations,
  • power high and extra high voltage cable lines
  • telecommunications installations and connectivity for the power industry, including fiber-optic broadband networks based on power poles in groundwire, ADSS technology or wrapped on existing cables
  • technical protection systems
  • installations and energy storage, energy generation and distribution management systems
  • power grids of wind and solar farms
  • replacement of cables with high-temperature ones in any technology, including GAP (GTACSR), ACSS, ACCR®, ACCC® or other
  • designing the structure of lattice poles and foundations and their testing at a 1: 1 scale testing station
  • failure removal - immediate infrastructure restoration projects

For our clients from the power industry, we provide:

  • concepts for the implementation of line and station facilities, including construction of new and modernization/ renovation of existing facilities using the following methods and tools:
  • specialist analyzes
  • simulations of transient states of power systems, with particular emphasis on the analysis of overvoltages in cable and overhead HV and LV lines, short-circuit and flow calculations, calculations of short-circuit current flows in lightning conductors and earthing installations
  • calculations of the load capacity and temperature rise of HV and LV cable lines, including tests of the thermal resistivity of the soil in the vicinity of the cable line, optimization of the selection of cable system components (cross-sections of the working and return conductors, way of connecting the return conductors),
  • analysis of complex earthing systems in multi-layer soils
  • mechanical calculations of overhead lines using the finite element method, enabling accurate mapping of the system of connected elements (cables and supporting structures) in any state, taking into account the cases of uneven cable tensions in the spans of a given section, cable breaks, uneven icing, additional loads, e.g. installation of markers, also in non-standard conditions of suspension of cables (crossing sections), calculations of the distance to the ground and crossed objects and the forces acting on supporting structures in all weather conditions and line conditions
  • analysis of the impact of electromagnetic field in the vicinity of overhead and cable lines and their impact on foreign infrastructure objects, e.g. telecommunications networks, low voltage networks, steel pipelines, including gas transmission pipelines, central heating networks, railway traffic control circuits, development of the concept of countermeasures in the event of exceeding the permissible impact values
  • analysis of the possibility of increasing the transmission capacity of the line and projects for the assembly of HTLS cables (low sag cables)
  • optimal selection of parameters of wires, cables, structures, foundations, station devices, technology of technical buildings construction, in terms of functionality, taking into account the guidelines and conditions of the investor and the owner of the infrastructure at the installation site (technical and cost optimization of design solutions)
  • comprehensive inter-branch coordination of infrastructure projects
  • risk analysis and investment scheduling
  • construction projects for power lines and stations
  • detailed designs of power lines and stations
  • comprehensive audits and problem analysis of power networks of all voltages
  • geodetic measurements
  • spatial analysis and investment reporting with the use of spatial information systems software (ArcGIS®, QGIS®),
  • comprehensive analysis and vegetation management within overhead lines

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