Renewable Energy Sources

In the field of renewable energy sources on the territory of Poland, we carry out design work related to the development of building and detailed designs for:

  • photovoltaic (PV) farms
  • wind farms (WF)
  • battery energy storage systems (BESS).


  • we perform due diligence analyses of wind and photovoltaic investments
  • we optimise the proposed technical solutions
  • we coordinate and agree technical documentation with distribution and transmission system operators
  • we perform analyses of profitability of battery energy storage installations together with selection of appropriate battery technology depending on the expected functionality.

During the execution of our projects we use the following methods and tools:

We provide:

  • surveying services
  • preparation of necessary geological and geotechnical expert opinions
  • provision of specialists to obtain the right of way
  • carrying out planning works
  • expert opinions on environmental protection
  • comprehensive inter-branch coordination of projects
  • technical and legal consultancy
  • supervision of the execution of works on site
  • documentation with the use of modern software such as: PLS-CADD, PLS-Tower, CYMCAP, Auto CAD and others, as well as investment reporting with the use of spatial information systems software (ArcGIS®, QGIS®)
  • creation of project documentation using the BIM method

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