Steel and reinforced concrete structures

In the field of electrical steel and reinforced concrete structures we perform:

  • inventory of technical condition of steel supporting structures for existing power lines
  • designs of lattice towers structures including 1:1 tests at testing stations
  • designs of steel structures of telecommunication towers
  • test programmes for supporting structures for test stations
  • designs of equipment supporting structures for electrical substations
  • designs of prefabricated foundations, site and pile supporting structures adapted to local terrain conditions
  • architectural designs of substation buildings (indoor substations, control, technological and protection rooms, kiosks)
  • breakdown removal projects and analyses of the causes of their occurrence - immediate restoration of infrastructure projects (Emergency Restoration Systems)
  • designs of special foundation solutions for supporting structures on flood areas and in areas of mining subsidence
  • strength analyses of existing support structures for new load conditions
  • designs of licenced support structures for distribution power lines
  • reviews, analyses and opinions of external detailed designs of support structures in terms of their optimization, correctness of solutions and meeting the requirements of standards and norms
  • reviews of projects carried out by external design offices regarding the line infrastructure owned by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne
  • workshop documentation of towers for manufacturers

When producing design documentation related to steel and reinforced concrete structures, we provide:

  • surveying service in the scope of column verticality measurements
  • preparation of necessary geological and geotechnical expert opinions
  • comprehensive coordination with power line teams in terms of required by standard dimensions of towers
  • extensive archive of supporting structures used in Poland since 1949
  • technical consultancy
  • supervision of the execution of works on site
  • documentation with the use of modern software such as: PLS-Tower, PLS-Pole, BOCAD, AutoCAD and others
  • creation project documentation using the BIM method

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