Transmission and distribution lines

In the field of electrical overhead and cable lines of medium, high and extra-high voltage, we develop complete project documentation including: concepts, feasibility studies, functional-utility programmes, building designs, detailed designs and as-built documentation.

Within the scope of design works we perform:

  • technical audits of lines including inventory and technical condition assessment
  • building designs and detailed designs of new lines
  • designs of lattice towers structures including 1:1 tests at testing stations
  • analyses of the possibilities of upgrading of the transmission capacity of existing lines taking into account economic analysis and designs of phase conductor replacement with high-temperature conductors in any technology, including GAP (GTACSR), ACSS, ACCR®, ACCC® or other
  • calculations of electrical parameters of lines, power distribution in the network, short circuit current flow in earthwires and earthing, analysis of surges in cable lines
  • breakdown removal projects - immediate restoration of infrastructure projects (Emergency Restoration Systems)
  • optimisation of technical solutions taking into account economic aspects and the technical standards of network owners
  • calculations of the current-carrying capacity of HV and LV lines, taking into account thermal resistivity tests of the soil, optimisation of the selection of cable system components (cross-sections of the phase conductor and a sheath, method of connecting sheaths)
  • design of complex grounding systems in multilayer soils
  • analyses of the impact of electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of overhead and cable lines and their effect on third-party infrastructure facilities, e.g. telecommunications networks, low-voltage networks, steel pipelines, including transmission gas pipelines, central heating networks, railway traffic control circuits, development of concepts for remedial measures in the event of exceeding allowable impact values
  • comprehensive analyses and management of vegetation within the overhead lines
  • reviews of projects carried out by external design offices regarding the line infrastructure owned by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne

During the execution of our projects we use the following methods and tools:

We provide:

  • surveying services
  • preparation of necessary geological and geotechnical expert opinions
  • provision of specialists to obtain the right of way
  • carrying out planning works
  • expert opinions on environmental protection
  • comprehensive inter-branch coordination of projects
  • technical and legal consultancy
  • supervision of the execution of works on site
  • documentation with the use of modern software such as: PLS-CADD, PLS-Tower, CYMCAP, Auto CAD and others, as well as investment reporting with the use of spatial information systems software (ArcGIS®, QGIS®)
  • creation of project documentation using the BIM method

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