A specialist at the operation of power energy facilities - Eltel Networks

Operation of facilities and stations

Operation of facilities and power stations with voltage from 0.4 kV to 750 kV:

  • full operational inspections of station equipment (both in overhead and GIS systems)
  • inspections, measurements and diagnostic tests of station devices
  • refilling and replacement of insulating oil in substation devices
  • replacement of insulation with accessories
  • localization and elimination of failure of substation equipment
  • operation of control systems and electric power protection automatics (EAZ)
  • thermovision of devices and station apparatus,
  • performing comprehensive measurements of electric shock protection (touch shock voltages, earth voltages, earth resistance etc.) of low, medium and high voltage installations
  • tests of electrical installations (periodic tests, measurement of light intensity, measurement of insulation resistance, measurement of short-circuit loop impedance, test of residual current devices, testing of lightning protection equipment, etc.)
  • power tool testing
  • cable fault location and cable identification
  • measurements of the electrical infrastructure of wind turbines

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