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Operation and repairs of transformers

Operation and comprehensive services for transformers, autotransformers and chokes with voltage from 6 kV to 750 kV:

  • installation of new units, including transport, preparation of the station, positioning on the station and connection to the network
  • full inspections, modernizations and repairs of units in operation
  • inspections and repairs of unit cooling systems
  • internal audits of units at the place of installation,
  • full measurements and diagnostic tests of units (winding resistance, insulation resistance of windings and bushings, magnetizing currents, capacitance and dielectric loss factor of windings and bushings, testing of mechanical winding deformation by SFRA method, testing of windings and bushings dampness by FDS method, oscillographic test of tap changers, including measuring the power consumed by the drive, measuring the ratio and checking the connection group, testing the current transformers installed on the transformer, testing the core grounding elements)
  • inspections of on-load tap-changers
  • localization and liquidation of unit failures
  • delivery and replacement of bushings
  • cleaning and painting of units
  • transformer oil exchange, treatment and testing (physicochemical, chromatographic)

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