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Drones in the power industry

For power construction industry using a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle), we provide a range of services in the following areas:

Power industry

Power infrastructure inspections

We carry out inspections, visual control and inventories of power infrastructures without having to de-energise the grid, thus reducing costs and time compared to traditional methods. We have drones equipped with high-resolution cameras at our disposal so that we can carry out precise inspections of poles, insulators or spacers. In addition, we are able to determine the trees occupancy in the power line corridor to evaluate the need for felling in the transmission and distribution line strip.


This method is an excellent tool for archiving the current state of the works performed. A drone flying over a designated area takes a series of photos that form a point cloud. The data obtained can be used to support design, planning, calculation of earth mass volumes (heaps and piles), distance measurements and estimation of ground losses.

Suspension of initial link

The work consists of dragging a thin initial link between the poles or in the lashing section, with the aid of which the target cable is installed in areas that are difficult to access (rivers, lakes, forests, wetlands, urban areas, crossings of overhead lines, watercourse crossings, expressways, railways, etc.). The use of an unmanned aerial vehicle to drag the initial link reduces installation time and costs.

Eltel Networks, 110 kV line, dragging the initial line over the Nogat river, Pelplin - Malbork

Eltel Networks Energetyka SA

Installing markers

We set up markers, e.g. bird diverters or warning flags on LV, MV and HV overhead lines using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) without deenergizing:

  • possible work in difficult terrain (rivers, lakes, wetlands, crossings with overhead lines, etc.)
  • competitive price compared to traditional solutions used
  • ecological working method

Eltel Networks, Installation of Firefly bird diverters on the 220 kV line, Morzyczyn - Recław

Eltel Networks Energetyka SA

Construction industry

Using drone inspections, we can detect any hazards, cracks or other defects that threaten structures. It is quicker, easier and cheaper to diagnose them using a drone than it would be to engage staff or a specialist company to work at height. In the construction industry we use drones to:

  • land surveys (particularly over large areas)
  • technical condition assessments of engineering structures
  • support for the design process
  • carrying out inspections of buildings (e.g. roofs or chimneys)
  • supervision and control of construction work
  • assessment of losses on land
  • detection of unprotected areas
  • architectural inventory

Renewable energy sources

Thanks to the possibilities offered by the unmanned aerial vehicle we offer:

  • inspections of wind farms and photovoltaic farms, including report preparation
  • periodic inspections of poles, nacelles and blades
  • verifying the condition of structural components for damage caused by atmospheric and other external factors that may cause failures or incorrect functioning of the installation

Natural environment

Using drones, we acquire data with which we can present photographic material to the client, create orthophotos or, using 3D LiDAR aerial scanning technology, acquire numerical data that can be used for, among other things:

  • dendrological inventories
  • inventory of wildlife
  • forest condition assessments
  • measurement of heaps
  • numerical terrain model

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