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Power energy storage 3S

Energy storage in 3S technology (SunSmartStore) performs the following functions:

  • provement of energy security of enterprises and IT infrastructure (data centers) - energy supply in the event of a power grid failure for priority and critical customers or maintenance of own needs and UPS systems
  • intelligent management of energy generated from renewable sources
  • reduction of investment costs of construction of a technical or office building - a significant reduction of the EP index [kWh/m2/year], which determines the annual calculated demand for non-renewable primary energy for heating, ventilation, cooling and preparation of domestic hot water
  • reduction of electricity losses in the in-house network
  • pro-ecological approach based on generating power from renewable sources, leading to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • care for the condition of the natural environment
  • positive influence on the prestige and image of the company

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