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Ground and airborne 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a measurement method that uses laser light to acquire a 3D geometric model of the scanned object. The result of scanning is a point cloud, which after processing reflects, among others, plans, maps, drawings, DTM terrain models and visualisations. Our scanners can also retrieve colour information about the object. It is also possible to integrate the scanner with a camera, allowing laser scanning with simultaneous collection of photographic documentation, which can then be added to the point cloud as an additional attribute, i.e. the colour of the point. The data obtained by 3D laser scanning can be used for design work, analysis of vegetation condition, the condition of distribution and transmission network assets or archiving of object data that can later be used in CAD, GIS and BIM technology.

Laser scanning enables:

  • spatial archiving of infrastructure
  • support for project supervision in BIM technology
  • using the data obtained to carry out design work
  • acquisition of the point cloud necessary for accurate mapping of the overhead line and its surroundings and construction of its accurate mathematical model in specialist software
  • easy and quick way to collect a huge amount of precise data from the measurement performed - approx. 1.2 million points from a single measurement location
  • realistic reproduction of existing structures, objects, areas
  • structural deformation and collision study
  • precise imaging of vegetation
  • volume measurements

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Eltel Networks, Terrestrial laser scanning of the 110 kV line, Mątki - Lidzbark Warmiński

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Eltel Networks, Terrestrial laser scanning with thermal imaging, Olsztyn I substation

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