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Ground and aerial spatial thermal imaging

This solution allows for temperature analysis of many elements of engineering infrastructure at once, three-dimensional diagnostics of objects (3D models), very accurate thermal model of e.g. power substation at a known load, visualisation of the tested object in space and the possibility of comparing previous thermal imaging tests.
Thermal imaging testing is used, without limitation, in:

  • industrial infrastructure
  • gas and district heating infrastructure
  • grid infrastructure in the transmission and distribution area
  • transport infrastructure and many others where there is a need for temperature analysis
  • thermal upgrade of buildings - preparatory analyses and detection of thermal bridges

Eltel Networks, Terrestrial laser scanning with thermal imaging, Olsztyn I substation

Eltel Networks Energetyka SA

An added value to standard temperature measurements with IR (infrared) cameras is the presentation of the collected data. Spatial image in the form of a point cloud, acquired by means of laser scanning with LiDAR technology, is coloured in the temperature values of the objects. This makes it possible to obtain 3D objects whose temperature is visible over a large area at one time. On further analysis, this allows the identification of objects with a temperature different from the desired temperature at the site, which may qualify the object for visual inspection and subsequent repair or replacement.
Eltel Networks is one of the first companies in the world to use spatial thermal imaging in its work - previously it was only used by scientists, including at polar stations.

Customer benefits:

  • acquisition of temperature data of many objects at once
  • high resolution temperature readings
  • preventive inspection of electricity infrastructure
  • detection of thermal bridges in buildings - spatial reports
  • inspection of PV panels for efficiency

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