Grid Connection Point (GCP) - implementation of turnkey investments (design and build) –

Grid Connection Point

GCP is a maintenance-free facility whose aim is to receive the electrical energy from generation units (mostly wind or photovoltaic farms) and to introduce
it into the electric energy distribution system.


The grid connection point (GCP) is, unlike most main supply point (MSP), a maintenance-free facility that receives electricity from generation units (e.g. wind farms or photovoltaic farms) and introduces it into the electricity distribution system. It is usually a substation with the transformation of medium voltage (depending on the issued connection conditions from 15 to 30 kV) to higher voltage, usually 110 kV, and prepared for control, signalling and measurements in the substation's remote control and supervision system.

As part of grid connection point (GCP) works, Eltel Networks offers:

  • turnkey investment implementation (design and build)
  • implementation of investments in the "build" system for entire facilities or their separate parts
  • construction, reconstruction, modernization of facilities of all voltage levels, in particular:
    • cubature infrastructure and general construction facilities
    • assembly and adjustment of traditional and modular primary equipment
    • assembly and comprehensive service of transformers (vacuuming and filling with oil)
    • installation of foundations, supporting structures for equipment and railing
    • prefabrication and assembly of cable, protection and control cabinets
    • installation and configuration of security equipment
    • installation of MV switchboards
    • installation of grounding units, chokes for reactive power compensation, and parallel capacitor banks
    • laying cable routes and cables
    • implementation of central and state-wide systems
    • construction of a grounding system, installation of a grounding grid and lightning protection
    • inspection and post-assembly measurements of primary and secondary parts, commissioning and start-up
  • construction of 110 kV and 220 kV cable systems
  • excavation and laying of cable routes, installation of indoor and outdoor joints and heads
  • construction of MV cable systems, excavation and laying of MV cable routes, installation of indoor and outdoor MV joints and heads

Grid Connection Point (GCP) - implementation of investments in the
Grid Connection Point (GCP) - maintenance-free facility –

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