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As part of the work on substations, we offer:

  • turnkey investments (design and build)
  • implementation of investments in the "build" system for entire facilities or their separate parts
  • construction, reconstruction, modernisation of AIS overhead and Gas Insulated Switchgear distribution stations of all voltage levels (medium voltage, 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV, 750 kV), in particular:
    • cubature objects and general construction facilities
    • installation of foundations, support structures for apparatus and railings
    • apparatus installation and adjustment (for GIS switchboards also vacuuming and filling with SF6 gas)
    • prefabrication and installation of cable, security and control cabinets, LCC cabinets for GIS switchgear
    • installation/wiring of apparatus and cabinets
    • laying cable routes and cables
    • implementation of central and state-wide systems
    • execution of the grounding system and installation of the grounding mesh
    • inspection and post-assembly measurements of primary and secondary parts, commissioning and start-up
  • making cable systems of 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV, excavation and laying of cable routes, installation of cable joints and interior and overhead cable heads
  • making medium voltage cable systems, excavation and laying medium voltage cable routes, installation of interior and overhead medium voltage cable joints and cable heads

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Substation 400/330 kV, Alytus, Lithuania

Eltel Networks Energetyka SA


Substation 400 kV, Stanisławów, Poland

Eltel Networks Energetyka SA


At Eltel Networks, we have many years of experience and advanced technology, thanks to which we can offer our clients comprehensive services related to the construction of substations. We offer turnkey construction of substations in the form of design and build or build only for entire facilities or their parts.

Reconstruction and modernization of substations

Eltel Networks' offer includes services such as reconstruction and modernization, as well as construction of overhead substations (AIS, Air Insulated Switchgear) and gas substations (GIS, Gas Insulated Switchgear) for all voltage levels: MV, 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV, 750 kV. Additionally, we also deal with:

  • cubature infrastructure
  • general construction facilities
  • installation of foundations
  • installation of supporting structures for equipment and railing
  • installation and adjustment of equipment
  • implementation of central and station-wide systems
  • startup and commissioning work in the field of protection automation systems from various manufacturers

Eltel Networks offers full design and implementation services during the construction of substations. We deal with technical documentation, obtaining the necessary permits and supervising the implementation of the investment. Additionally, we offer services related to the operation and maintenance of substations, including existing facilities. Substations should be constantly subject to systematic diagnostics and examination of the technical condition of devices, which also includes necessary repairs and modernizations.

All services offered by Eltel Networks are performed in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards, which guarantees full satisfaction and trust from customers. Thanks to this, we are able to meet the needs of customers related to the construction and maintenance of substations.

Precise prefabrication of energy cabinets

One of the distinctive elements of Eltel Networks' offer is the comprehensive prefabrication of cabinets, which includes installation, wiring of equipment, full marking of cables with engraving of information plates, as well as post-assembly inspection of different cabinets:

  • cable
  • security
  • controls
  • servers
  • LCC cabinets for GIS switchboards

At Eltel Networks, we ensure careful consideration and implementation of each project, paying attention to every detail. When prefabricating cabinets, we focus on precision, aesthetics and compliance with standards.

Thanks to extensive experience and a qualified team, Eltel Networks offers professional and comprehensive solutions for its clients. We are open to a variety of challenges, regardless of the scale of the investment, always ensuring the highest quality and safety of projects in the field of substations.

Security of energy services

Comprehensive construction of substations also means full safety. Eltel Networks produces grounding systems and grounding grids for substations. Before putting the investment into operation, we always carry out thorough post-assembly tests and measurements, as well as commissioning and start-up. The services are performed in accordance with the highest standards, which allows Eltel Networks to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the work performed.

Substations by Eltel Networks

If you need a professional company that will build a substation for you, choose Eltel Networks. We have been operating on the market for over 60 years and have already gained many satisfied customers. We are sure that we will meet your expectations and build a substation that will operate reliably for many years. The evolution of the power sector requires flexible and well-designed stations capable of transforming the power sector. Such functionality is necessary due to the growing number of prosumers and dynamic changes in energy flow. Please contact our team to get the details of our offer, in which we propose the use of innovative technologies in the energy sector.