Traction substations

As part of the work on traction substations to supply power for railway lines, we offer:

  • turnkey investments (design and build)
  • implementation of investments in the "build" system for entire facilities or their separate parts
  • construction, reconstruction, modernization of traction substations supplying railway traction of all voltage levels (LV, MV, 110 kV), in particular:
    • cubature infrastructure and general construction facilities, including prefabricated substation buildings
    • installation of foundations, supporting structures for apparatus and railings
    • assembly and adjustment of apparatus, including modular 110 kV bays systems with the use of compact overhead equipment, 15 kV AC switchgear, 3 kV DC switchgear, rectifier sets, auxiliary transformers, reactive power compensation systems, negative cell
    • prefabrication and assembly of cable, security, meters, control and own needs cabinets
    • laying of cable routes and cables of all voltages
    • implementation of remote and local control systems – cabinets for Substation’s Communications Driver, Main Distribution Point and Indirect Distribution Point
    • execution of the earthing system, installation of the earthing grid
    • inspection and post-assembly measurements of primary and secondary parts, commissioning and start-up
  • design and construction of supply lines for voltage traction substations – 110 kV cable lines and overhead power lines
  • making medium voltage cable systems, excavation and laying medium voltage cable routes, installation of interior and overhead medium voltage cable joints and cable heads

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Eltel Networks actively participates in the development of railway infrastructure, e.g. in the construction and modernization of traction substations. We offer both integrated turnkey solutions and reconstruction or service of existing power energy infrastructure for rail transport.

What are traction substations?

A traction substation is a substation which main task is to supply energy to the traction network on a given section of the railway line. In Poland, a 3 kV DC traction system is used and therefore transformer-rectifier traction substations are built in our country. Thus, DC traction lines are powered by a traction substation usually consisting of a three-phase step-down transformer and a diode rectifier.

Traction substation - power supply

Each traction substation in Poland is powered from the National Power System. It converts three-phase alternating current, typically 15 kV, to 3 kV direct current. It is used to power the traction network, thanks to which the electricity is ultimately delivered to the traction vehicles. The traction substation is powered by medium or high voltage power lines. It should underlined that traction substations require continuous power supply. Therefore, for security reasons, they are connected to the power grid by at least two redundant transmission lines. Each of them must be able to transfer the maximum power of the entire substation.

Construction of traction substations - turnkey projects

As a company that performs comprehensive projects in the field of construction of power infrastructure, Eltel Networks provides, among others, turnkey investments in the scope of traction substations:

  • project preparation
  • design and construction of power supply lines for substations, fibre optic lines and traction lines
  • production and delivery of traction substation equipment
  • assembly and installation of all substation components
  • pre-launch tests
  • final commissioning and personnel training
  • support during the warranty period as well as post-warranty service
  • services and maintenance

Thanks to many years of experience in the preparation and project implementation, and based on the latest technologies in the field of construction of electrical devices, power systems and transmission lines, we are sure that our investments are made with the utmost care and according to the highest standards.

Modern Eltel Networks traction substations

The investments and solutions proposed by Eltel Networks in the field of traction substations construction are at the highest quality level. As a service provider in the power industry, we guarantee:

  • high degree of reliability and safety of the launched or modernized traction substations
  • technical solutions based on top-class components to meet investors' requirements
  • use of devices for traction substations, which constitute a complete, automated system - we ensure minimal intervention of technical personnel, without the need for periodic maintenance and repairs
  • use of components ensuring full automation of traction substation control, including device status monitoring and self-diagnostics
  • compact dimensions and weight of the solution, thanks to which we minimize the consumption of materials
  • compliance of the equipment used with international standards and Polish law

Reliability and safety of traction substations

Ensuring failure-free operation of traction substations is very important due to the need to guarantee their continuity of operation. We ensure high reliability of the equipment through:

  • use of components produced by the world's leading suppliers
  • use of components with high transmission capacity
  • high resistance of the system to short-circuit currents
  • required mechanical strength

On the other hand, we achieve a high level of security through:

  • use of high-class fire safety equipment
  • application of safeguards necessary to ensure a high level of technical service safety
  • monitoring the status of traction substation devices and self-diagnosis of devices

To sum up, Eltel Networks carries out power energy works comprehensively - from the construction of the foundations of the traction substation to its commissioning. We also carry out modernization, service and repairs of electrical power equipment. We ensure the highest quality of design services offered and the reliability of the solutions used.