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Training for electricians and fitters

Eltel Networks Training Center was established on the basis of many years of experience in the power industry in Poland, Finland, Sweden and Great Britain. It is a modern training ground unique on a European scale for fitters and electricians overhead lines, where training is provided for Eltel Group employees and external companies from the power grid construction industry. The main purpose of the training courses for overhead lines electricians is to actively practice the skills of coping with difficulties actually encountered in professional situations and to ensure high standards of work safety.


Training for electricians - Eltel Networks
Training for live line work - Eltel Networks

Eltel Networks Training Center is:

  • real working conditions on power lines of different voltages
  • three spans of the 400 kV line with working cables in various bundle configurations
  • working photovoltaic systems integrated with energy storage
  • personal protective equipment and professional equipment and machines depending on the type of training
  • fully equipped training rooms
  • experienced Staff
Trainings for fitters - Eltel Networks
Training for live line work - Eltel Networks

Our Training Center offers the following trainings:

  • Methods and techniques of working on power lines (76h)
  • Work safety on power lines (31h)
  • Safe work at height (8h)
  • Courses/trainings tailored to the needs and requirements of the client

The staff of the Training Center are employees of Eltel Networks - the best specialists in particular technologies. Our trainers are experienced installers with specialist knowledge and practical skills, with certified qualifications, appropriate preparation required to conduct training and practical experience gained in the implementation of projects carried out in Poland and abroad (including in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Great Britain, Greenland and Liberia).

In order to maintain the high quality of training services, the Training Management System has been implemented in the Training Center.

We will prepare each training tailored to the individual needs of the client.

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