Construction of the 400 kV Richborough - Canterbury power line, United Kingdom; lattice pole –

400 kV Richborough – Canterbury power line, United Kingdom

Construction of 400 kV line Richborough - Canterbury, United Kingdom

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We have worked in partnership with Eltel Networks in the UK since 2013, delivering overhead line refurbishment and new build projects, working on quad, triple and twin conductor systems at 132 kV, 175 kV and 400 kV.
During the delivery of our recent 21 km 400 kV twin circuit project which linked the new interconnector HVDC convertor station at Richborough and an existing 400 kV Sub-Station at Canterbury, Eltel Networks Energetyka SA team provided over 100 experienced linesmen and supervision who worked seamlessly with our local teams in the fabrication, installation and commissioning of 60 towers and 252 km of conductor during a 26 week period.
The Eltel Networks Energetyka team have proved to be a reliable and flexible partner in supporting the delivery of our overhead line projects during our successful 8 year relationship.

Graham Carr
Managing Director (Energy)
J. Murphy & Sons Limited


Construction of a new 400 kV transmission power line Richborough – Canterbury, United Kingdom –


The construction of the 400 kV Richborough - Canterbury line was part of the NEMO-link project, an energy link between Belgium and the UK. The construced  400 kV lines connected the existing switchyard at Canterbury to the newly constructed Richborough substation. The contractor for the work was Murphy-Eltel  JV, for whom we worked as a subcontractor for design and resource provision for line work. Within the scope of our activities we participated in installation of 60 power poles on prepared foundations and we carried out
installation of electric cables with accessories.

400 kV overhead power line Richborough – Canterbury, United Kingdom –


Investor: National Grid
Location: Southern England, Kent County
Investment cost: GBP 68 million
Completion: 2019


  • 2 x 400 kV (Sorbus double bundle and OPGW)
  • 20 km route
  • 60 poles (19 strong, 39 through, 2 end)
  • 45 L8 poles and 15 L12 poles



We completed all of the planned work for our client (Murphy-Eltel JV) in a very short period of time, i.e. from January to November 2018. Despite the extended lead time for the first phase of the project, the work we did to assemble the poles and install the wires was so accelerated that we finished 3 weeks ahead of schedule. The work was carried out according to a methodology and using equipment typical of British lines (including work from platforms and decks). This was a huge logistical challenge for our brigades due to the distances involved, the movement of materials and heavy equipment, and most importantly the time pressure. At the busiest time, we had about 100 fitters engaged on the line. The developer (National Grid) was very impressed with our mobilization, efficiency and quality of work, while meeting all job safety requirements, which enabled our client Murphy-Eltel JV to complete the project successfully and ahead of schedule.