Construction of the 400 kV Stanisławów substation –

400 kV Stanisławów substation, Poland

Construction of the 400 kV Stanisławów substation

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The construction of the 400 kV Stanisławów substation was a major project for us and the first such complicated challenge for Eltel Networks. The time limit provided for the construction and erection works at the substation and for the necessary reconstruction of the 400 kV and 220 kV lines was very short - only 12 months. It should be noted that before that it was necessary to acquire plots for the substation and access road, to pass the Local Development Plan and to obtain a complete set of building permits. It is worth noting that the 400 kV Stanisławów substation is the first greenfield substation that Eltel Networks has built, i.e. in the comprehensive "turn-key" formula, including necessary formal and legal permits – both for construction and later use of power infrastructure.

Jarosław Błażyński
Project Director
Eltel Networks Energetyka SA

Overhead 400 kV Stanisławów substation –
400 kV Stanisławów substation - overhead switchgear made in 3/2W configuration with 6 branches –


Investor: Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA
Location: Municipality of Stanisławów, Mińsk poviat, Mazowieckie Voivodship
Investment cost: PLN 58.9 million
Completion: 2012 - 2016


  • 400 kV switchgear made in 3/2W configuration with 6 branches
  • 3 400 kV line connections from Miłosna, Narew and Siedlce Ujrzanów directions
  • new 400 m access road
  • surface area of the substation of approx. 9.2 ha


The construction of the 400 kV Stanisławów substation was an important element in connecting the power systems of Poland and Lithuania. The substation was designed by Eltel Networks Engineering SA and constructed by Eltel Networks Energetyka SA for PSE as the Investor. The works covered the following:

  • performance of formal and legal works (including but not limited to the local development plan, decision on location of the public utility project, purchase of land for construction of the substation), together with obtaining legal titles to the property, transmission easements and building permit
  • preparation of construction and working designs, and as-built documentation
  • preparation and implementation of the Public Communication Program
  • construction of the 400 kV overhead switchgear in 3/2 W configuration with 6 branches (foundations, structures, HV instrumentation and busbars, etc.) – 8 bays
  • construction of the technical building, including systems
  • installation of secondary circuits (power system protection, control and monitoring system, automatic transfer switch, synchronization system, power measurement system, auxiliary systems)
  • installation of semi-sets of sectional protection devices, including remote protection devices
  • installation of data communication systems: SDH, PDH, WAN BB
  • installation of technical protection systems for the substation (technical protection system, fire protection system)
  • construction of the 220 kV line section with a length of 0.6 km
  • construction of the 400 kV line sections with a total length of 2.07 km, including their connection to the Stanisławów substation
  • construction of two MV cable lines (including one with a length of approx. 4,000 lin.m) for the substation auxiliaries
  • construction of an access road (including an exit from the national road), internal roads, parking lot and sidewalks, land leveling, site lighting, cable ducts, site drainage and fencing of the substation
  • construction of lightning protection for the substation, including installation of the earth mesh
  • performance of a complete set of works in related facilities, including dispatching and remote supervision systems
  • commissioning and acceptance tests


The 400 kV Stanisławów substation consists of an overhead 400 kV switchgear made in a 3/2W configuration with 6 branches. Three 400 kV power lines from the directions of Miłosna, Narew and Siedlce Ujrzanów have been introduced to the substation. The constructed substation has been adapted to work without permanent maintenance, with remote control and supervision of superior centers. The station plays an important role in guaranteeing the energy security of north-eastern Poland. The main assumption of the project was to implement the investment in accordance with the technical and quality requirements, within the specified time and budget. The indirect goal of the construction of the 400 kV substation was to reduce transmission congestion in the extra-high voltage network. The expansion of the transmission network in the north-eastern part of the country was to increase the operational reliability of the National Power System and to improve the quality of electricity transmission.

Stanisławów substation was built as part of the "Construction of the Poland-Lithuania power bridge" and in the future it will be connected to the 400/220/110 kV Ostrołęka substation through the 400 kV power line, which is currently being built by Eltel Networks as part of a consortium with Elfeko SA and SPIE Elbud Gdańsk SA .

Eltel Networks completed the construction of the Stanisławów substation in accordance with the highest IPMA (International Project Management Association) standards. Our experience in the implementation of electricity services, professional workmanship, skilful cooperation with the environment and high competences in the field of project management have been appreciated by awarding the title of the Silver Finalist of the Polish Project Excellence Award 2018, in the Infrastructure Projects category.

IPMA (International Project Management Association) - tytuł Srebrnego Finalisty Polish Project Excellence Award 2018, w kategorii Projekty Infrastrukturalne  –