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Overhead power lines

We design, build and modernize overhead power lines in the scope of:

  • implementation of investments in the turnkey system (design and build)
  • implementation of investments in the "build" system for entire facilities or their separate parts (including full elaboration of formal and legal issues and establishment of land easement)
  • construction, reconstruction and modernization of overhead lines of all voltage levels (MV, 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV, 750 kV), in particular:
    • execution of groundings and foundations for utility poles
    • assembly and erection of lattice, tubular and prestressed concrete utility poles
    • anti-corrosion protection of the poles' surface
    • assembly of the necessary linear equipment and insulating chains
    • assembly and adjustment of working (including high-temperature), lightning protection and groundwire conductors
    • removing collisions and implementing intersections with the existing infrastructure
Workers on high voltage overhead line - Eltel Networks
Employees during training on high voltage line - Eltel Networks

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Eltel Networks offers comprehensive solutions in the field of construction, modernization and maintenance of overhead power lines. Our priority is punctuality and safe performance of work. During the implementation, we base on our many years of experience and advanced technologies.

In addition, we also offer overhead line maintenance services, including regular inspections, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Design of overhead lines

In the design process, the overhead line requires marking the specific capacity and characteristics of the network, including the number of wires, supply voltage, distance between towers, and the type and number of insulators. Each of these elements affects the selection of the appropriate tower structure and their arrangement. Designing an overhead line is a complex process that requires consideration of many factors, including topography, climatic conditions and customer needs. Eltel Networks has the experience and knowledge to design overhead lines optimally, in accordance with investor requirements and industry standards.

Construction of overhead lines

The construction of overhead lines begins with the preparation of the site, i.e. levelling the site and setting the foundations of the towers. Then towers, insulators, wires and line fittings are installed.

Operation of overhead lines

The overhead line requires regular maintenance and monitoring of the technical condition of the entire structure. For this purpose, periodic inspections and technical tests are carried out, which allow for early detection of possible defects and prevention of failures. If necessary, maintenance and repairs are carried out to ensure the safe operation of the power line.

Safety and overhead lines

Safety during the construction of overhead lines is extremely important. Therefore, during the construction and operation of the power line, it is necessary to comply with the relevant standards and legal regulations, as well as safety rules.

Modernization of overhead lines

Nowadays, the number of prosumers is growing daily, so it is important to regularly modernize overhead lines. It is a process of improving the existing power infrastructure, thanks to which it is possible to ensure higher capacity, reliability and efficiency of power systems. Eltel Networks specializes in the modernization of overhead lines, including the replacement of towers, insulators and wires. Thanks to the modernization, it is also possible to increase the level of security.

Repairs and maintenance of overhead lines

Eltel Networks offers comprehensive services related to the maintenance of overhead power lines. We carry out technical inspections that include repair and maintenance work, thanks to which we maintain the continuity of operation of overhead power lines. Regular inspections are an important part of our activities. Our goal is to detect potential problems and prevent failures. Thanks to proper maintenance, our customers can be sure that their overhead lines are fully protected and ready to operate in any situation.

Removal of failures on overhead lines

Overhead lines can be damaged as a result of various types of unpredictable events, such as storms, gales, hail, theft or mechanical damage, which can lead to shutdown. In the event of a failure on an overhead line, Eltel Networks offers quick intervention. Using advanced equipment and highly qualified staff, we remove failures in a timely and safe manner.

The most common failures on the overhead power line are short circuits that cause power outages. Short circuits can result from damage to insulators, broken wires or a tree fallen on the line.

Often, in the event of a breakdown on an overhead line, it is necessary to replace damaged parts with new ones - for example, insulators, wires or towers. In such cases, the work must be carried out in accordance with the relevant safety standards.

Monitoring and diagnostics of overhead lines

Eltel Networks offers monitoring and diagnostics of overhead lines. Thanks to such solutions, failures and technical problems on the line can be detected before they occur. Supervision and diagnostics are carried out using specialized hardware and software. As part of our innovative services, we use lasers and spatial thermovision cameras.